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Copies of Police and Accident reports are available at the Police Station approximately three days after the report is prepared.

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901 S. W. 62nd Avenue
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Your West Miami Police Department

The West Miami Police Department has a rich history of providing its residents with the highest caliber of Public Safety dating back to the City's Incorporation in 1947. With a current police force consisting of 17 Sworn Officers, several Reserve Officers and four civilian dispatchers,  we provide  Professional Police service to our residents  24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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The West Miami Police Department (WMPD) is dedicated to providing the citizens of our community the utmost in Professional Police service.  Chief Nelson Andreu is establishing and enhancing several new and innovative programs which afford the citizens of West Miami a superior level of Police Service and protection.  In addition to the programs outlined below, Chief Andreu is researching others which will even further augment the Police Departmentís degree of community policing.

 1.       House Checks

a.  When citizens go on vacation they should call the WMPD and inform us of their address and dates when they will be away from their homes.


b.  The Officers of the WMPD will do multiple daily checks of their homes to check on the security and discourage any would be criminals from potentially breaking into the homes when the owners are away.


2.       Security Surveys

a.  Citizens can call the WMPD and request an Officer come to their home to conduct a security survey.


b.   The responding Officer will perform an in depth survey and inform the owner of deficiency in locks, windows, doors, poor visibility from the streets, etc.


c.  A written survey report will be left with the owner in order for him/her to correct the potential problems discovered by the Officer; thus allowing the homeowner to correct the flaws, making the home more secure and less vulnerable to criminals.


3.       Fingerprinting Services

a.  The front desk at the WMPD offers free fingerprinting to the citizens of West Miami.


b. The fingerprinting services are available from 8:00am until 4:00pm, by appointment.


4.       Vehicle equipment verifications

a.  Chief Andreu is directing the Traffic Unit to randomly set up on our streets to stop vehicles and check for valid driver licenses, vehicle insurance, proper equipment, etc.  These check points will be run on random days at randomly chosen locations.


5.       Bicycle Patrol Officers

a.   By re-initiating the Bike Patrol Unit at WMPD, Chief Andreu has brought our Officers closer to the citizens. Several Officers will be periodically riding in our community on their special Police bicycles.

b.  The recent acquired Speed Enforcement Radar trailer will be strategically placed throughout our City to inform motorist when they are exceeding the safe/posted speed limits on our City streets.


c.  This Speed Enforcement Radar trailer records vehicle speeds and transfers the information to our police department computers displaying vehicles speeds, numbers and precise dates and times of the number of violators.


d.  This information will be used to better enforcement the traffic laws and to obtain information of specific areas where greater traffic enforcement may be needed.



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